Saturday, October 16, 2021

Fiona Barron Bio

Online influencer and Mexican model, Fiona Barron, was born on September 27th of the year 1999 at Cozumel in Mexico. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, USA, and focuses on her career as a full-time influencer turned model.

She\’s not your typical social media personality because she’s more than meets the eye. In a world full of average, Fiona was born to be the best version of herself. As she thrives to the countless doors of opportunities with her interesting online personality and bewitching body and beauty, Fiona Barron is just starting to rock her way up to the top.

Her Hispanic ethnicity and Mexican ancestry have given the perfect blend of physicality with her naturally-tanned skin, pitch-black hair and dark brown eyes. She stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs at 54 kilograms. Her Libra spirit might have influenced her love for travel, food, blogging, and of course, modeling.

Fiona debuted to her Instablogging when her mother took photos of her one time at the beach, just for pure joy and fun. #InstagramMum Since then, her career turned unstoppable as she continues to blossom as a fine young lady with an adventurous spirit and uniquely-defined social media character. With every post after the other, her appealing virtual visibility has earned her a stunning number of over a million Instagram followers within 5 years!

When asked about her favorite go-to beauty products, she mentioned some of her top picks like the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter, Colour Pop Cream Highlighter, EX1 Cosmetics Foundation, Avène Moisturizer, Kiko Gold Waves bronzer, and L’Oréal Paradise Mascara. When it comes to her hair, adding heat is a big no-no! She would rather leave her hair as it is or fix it up in a cute ponytail.

Reformation is her favorite fashion brand, and she loves short form-fitting but still flowy dresses. Fiona also has a peculiar taste for Dolce and Gabbana fragrances.

As a travel and food enthusiast turned blogger, our Instagram star admiringly loves to cook. When asked to choose between healthy eating or treating herself, she refused to take a side and ended up picking both. Aside from being a big fan of pasta, would you believe that Fiona has never really been on a diet or eaten the same thing twice in a week? If you want her best choices of places to eat out, any recommendations by would be a great start. A quiet dinner would be more pleasing than clubbing when spending time with her friends. At this state, no one can strip off her crown as a self-proclaimed “foodie” because she definitely lives for it!

Bikinis, moisturizer, and extra toothbrushes are her top 3 essentials when getting ready for a travel adventure. As to her favorite travel destination, Italy is her number 1 recommendation. On the other hand, she also confessed that the most Instagram-worthy spot, at least on her own personal opinion, is Positano, The Bahamas, Santorini.

To maintain her hourglass figure and slim stature, she prefers exercising outdoors or have workout classes like Pilates. Gym exercises were never her thing.

She lives by her favorite quote “It’s a beautiful life”. This might be the reason why her inner and outer beauty effortlessly radiates through the virtual and physical reality. When asked about the best and happiest moment of her life, Fiona, with her brightest smile, confessed that it’s the recent sunset drive through Spain with her two most favorite people in the entire space and time – her beloved parents. In a seemingly opposite mood, she also shared her lowest point in life in which she courageously reminisced her saddest existing memory – the unfortunate passing of her late grandfather way back when she’s just a little girl.

When it comes to her pictures, she doesn’t mind taking more time picking and editing compared to the actual shooting process in which she can quickly complete under 5 minutes. Her photos are taken by anyone who’s with her at the moment like her mother or her friends. She loves to use iPhone for her Instagram photos and camera for capturing landscapes. She prefers editing with VSCO on a bright but natural range, and her favorite filter is C7.

The online community doesn’t know a lot about her family except for the fact that she’s an only child raised on a tropical island. She keeps her family away from the spotlight due to high regard of protecting their privacy. But when asked about pets, she once mentioned that her parents have always adopted street animals and they currently have 6 cats, 5 dogs, and bunnies. How can that get more adorable?

As to her career as an online influencer, she travels around most of the time due to her numerous commitments as she continuously proves to the world that being an influencer is a REAL job that pays REAL bills. In fact, she considers her wanderlust-satisfying travels around the globe to be the highlight of her career. Jetlags and moving around non-stop, however, are considered her career lowlights. Bikinis and cute clothes are the best gifts she received as an influencer. Packages at her front door give her the pleasant and festive feeling of Christmas vibe.

Her influencer crush is @jakepicking and her top 5 Instagram accounts to follow are @amberasaly , @badboi , @karmagawa , @goop and @fitwithcambrie .
To keep the fire burning for her colorful career, consistency is definitely the key. She even pointed out that staying positive and being grateful every single day as her primary assets in keeping her career engagements at bay.
Influencer. Blogger. Traveler. Model.
Fiona Barron is raised to love the sunshine and born to rock the spotlight. She lives her own way and she’s shining bright like a rising star. Follow her to greatness as she continue to wake, play, and slay!